ForexKingle HEDGER - The KING of HEDGING

NOTE 1: If you have purchased ForexKingle from us, kindly send us your email. We will send you ForexKingle Hedger FREE OF CHARGE to backtest yourself and see it's magic yourself. Also you can use on your Live account for 2 months.

NOTE 2: If you have purchased Forexkingle and you are not too satisfied with the way it trades or does not make any money for you as expected, send us the email you used during the purchase and we would send this newly released ForexKingle Hedger FREE of charge to use for 2 months.  

What Is ForexKingle Hedger Based On?

Answer: It based on Time and Price!

It's a pity that many indicators have failed and blinded a lot of traders for decades.

 Think About This:

Why are brokers hosting seminars and webinars to trick people into using unreliable indicators?  

The fact is that FUNDAMENTAL ANALYSIS gives no regard to any indicator performance.

How Much Does It Make Monthly?


It all depends on your PROFIT target, your LOT SIZE and your INCREASE RISK Value.

Note: Once you see how it works, you will see you can make up to 70% monthly. It all depends on your settings.

No one is certain of what exactly an EA can deliver monthly because of market conditions. Since you will be able to backtest while you purchase too, that is not a problem.

Why It is The King of Hedging

Here are key powerful features of this EA that makes it the king of hedging:

1. 80% of the time, it makes profit without hedging. [You will see in the backtest soon] 2. It enters the market with a backup plan to hedge, so that when it hedges, it will still make the profit. 3. And it does not hedge using a grid method popularly used by other EAs. 

We have a video below to show you how it really hedges. We designed it to work on only GBPUSD and EURUSD

Let’s Backtest For 10 Years And See How It Really Works



  • 1 Live Account
  • 1 Demo Account

*NOTE: These plans are NOT for unlimited accounts, because we want this EA to be highly restricted

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can it be used on any broker? Answer: Yes 

2. Which pairs does ForexKingleHedger works on? Answer: GBPUSD and EURUSD ONLY

3. What is the minimum acc needed? Answer: 5000USC (cent) or 5000USD

4. What Do I Need To Set On The Settings? Answer: The Lot-Size, Your Profit and set IncreaseYourRisk value

5. Do we offer a rent to use our EA? Answer: Yes… Depending on your account size.

i. 5,000USD and above-------------------------------------120USD per month ii. 10,000USD and above--------------------220USD per month iii. 50,000USDand above--------------------500USD per month

Note: If ForexKingle Hedger does not make up to the money you have paid per month, we will definitely return your money rent.

If you have any other questions, you can contact us here: Sometimes it may take 24 hours to reply you. But we will definatly reply you…